Owner & DJ


Craig Mars Trip Radio Owner, Dj, Graphic Designer and heavy beat maker does not wave his hands in the air while he is DJing, He does not pretend to know everything and he will be nice to you and your friends (if you have a Beer ready for him). He is grateful to be running his own radio station with Trip Radio and playing music for a living and he knows that the reason people go to parties is to shake their ass and have fun. Craig Mars' weekly Friday show 'Buhloones' is full of House & Techno bangers with the added floaty bit’s to make even the sober feel off their barnets, enjoy!

DJs & Artists


KUSP [ Rekids / R&S / Planet Rhythm ] KUSP started life as a random studio between 2 best friends, rediscovering their love for making electronic music. Fast forward a few years and their music can be heard all over the globe, supported by some of the industries most prominent names, taking their careers far beyond their native Liverpool.

Sound Designer & DJ


Rohar is the dark alias of Cream Resident, Rob Harnetty. Since starting on this new path in mid 2017, Rohar has put out numerous techno releases on various labels across Europe as well as launching his own label “RoRecs” in 2018 which has also allowed him to delve into more quirky electronic and ambient sounds. His music has gained support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Charlotte de Witte & Amelie Lens to name a few. Keep your eyes open for his ever growing discography.



With a passion for music bordering on obsession and an insatiable appetite for collecting music new and old; it is fair to say that Geraint Rees has made it his mission to share, create and curate music for others.



UK Based techno promoter, DJ, producer, and label boss 'Kingkade' is fast becoming an influential figure in the North West's techno scene. Not many DJs get the chance to launch their careers at one of the country's leading clubs. Kingkade's got underway at 'Le Bateau' home of North West techno night 'Voodoo', where demand from for his expertly programmed sets overtime saw him earning a residency. After taking years to hone his skills, his first production followed in October 2001, receiving wide spread acclaim from all the greats and airplay on BBC Radio 1 Forming a label was his next step, with Kingkade becoming a label boss not once but twice! With his flagship imprint 'Minimal' and sub-label 'Dirty Blue Records', both notching up almost 60 vinyl releases between them. A string of bookings began to flood in from Europe and Asia, as the popularity of his labels began to swell and numerous high-profile remixes earned him new fans across the globe. In 2017 he founded his techno label project Urban Chaos Records (UCR), with Kingkade using the know-how he'd gained over the years to discover talented new techno producers and promote them to the world's elite. After spending 2 years as a promoter and resident at a Berlin-style underground techno party in Chester 'Nexus', Playing alongside some of the best techno artists around including, Blasha & Allatt, Manni Dee, Jerome Hill & Natalino Nunes, Alex (Kingkade) was approached and secured a new residency / Partnership with the rising techno duo KUSP to work closely with them on there OTK (On The KUSP Events) Nights/projects, as their new resident and promoter. With lots of new UCR projects lined up until Mid 2021, he is now getting a good flow of remix requests from the hard techno underground movement, Kingkade's return to the business has already proven to be highly successful. The man from 'The Wirral' assures us this is only the start of what's to come.



Hailing from North Wales, Ash's journey through music stems from attending underground gatherings all over the world, in particular having an affinity for Liverpool's illustrious nightlife heritage. From frequently hosting parties in his hometown with locally acclaimed club night - ORIGIN, Ash has successfully managed to build a thriving scene from the ground up... imprinting his love for underground, energetic, tripping techno grooves in the center of his birthplace. In addition to this, he's gone on to team up with KUSP to co-host events in Liverpool for OTK which has seen him support highly sought after names including Anetha, Cleric, SNTS, Freddy K, Rene Wise, Yant, and Setaoc Mass.