Excursions with Emergence

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Saturday 8:00 pm trending_flat 9:00 pm

Do you love quality House music of all flavours?

Fear not, I’ve got your back and we will share in that love every Thursday from 5pm

Join me for ‘Excursions with Emergence’

Departing at 5pm calling at: Quality, Smooth, Deep, Disco, Italo, Funk, Moody, Raw, Soulful, Groovy, Hooky, Hypnotic, Wonky, Shuffling, Driving, Melodic, Bass and terminating in Pre Weekend Satisfaction around 7pm (some set diversions may affect your journey and I apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused)

Excursions with Emergence crew



In the Summer of 89, Dan turned the dial of an old battery powered radio. Through the squelching voices, mangled long range frequencies and interference came the raw sound of Acid House. This regular radio show would spark a 32 year long love affair with all things moody and groovy. Dan will typically immerse himself in all flavours of House, Techno, Disco, Soul, Reggae, Breaks, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Ambient, Modern Classical and more. As well as gaining continuous personal enjoyment and fulfilment through his discoveries, he firmly aims to share the very best dance music with you to catch, enjoy, appreciate and connect with via well considered DJ sets and productions as ‘Emergence’.

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