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Whether it be hypnotic acidic techno or heads-down industrial grooves, William Anthony (WANT) defiantly does what he wants sweeping the crowd away in a fervor as he does so. From his early days as a resident at UGC Radio to taking the reins alongside Craig Mars as co-founder of new techno bastion Trip Radio, it is clear that he is a man who does things his own way. Having graduated through the nineties rave scene, he witnessed first-hand the underground free party spirit and community ethic that lay at the heart of the dance music at this time. He could regularly be found frequenting the dancefloors of legendary clubs such as Shelley’s and Club Kinetic soaking in the sounds during one of the most exciting periods in dance music history. After having a family he walked away from music completely to focus on his loved ones but in the wilderness years that followed nothing could quite replace the feeling of the glory days of techno. Inevitably he returned to set with a new determination to make his mark and take his vision for his own music to the next level. Within two years he had trained himself up as a DJ and a year later was sat in the production chair. After becoming a resident at UGC and DJ’ing alongside his fellow students at the School of Electronic Music he formulated the idea for Trip Radio with Craig Mars and the rest is history. His music with its no-nonsense approach is punctuated by metallic shimmering techno stabs and throbbing cavernous rhythms. These are sounds designed to lock you into their groove and spit you back out on the other side knowing you have been elevated to another level. With his residency on Trip now in full flight and productions in the pipeline for the year ahead, WANT is set to add his own artistic imprint to the grand canvas which is the legacy of techno.

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